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Kendall and Drew

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Our Story

Drew and Kendall met February 12, 2019 in Asheville, NC. Kendall was going to meet friends out when she ran into Drew and a puppy by the elevators of their shared apartment complex when Kendall was leaving and Drew was coming inside from walking his dog for the first time. Drew named the dog Goose from the movie top gun for being his wingman. The puppy is what caught Kendall’s eye, but when she looked up and saw the guy holding the dog her attention turned to him. Kendall took a picture of the dog and said “nice to meet you” and continued outside to her car when Drew called out “Wait can I get your number?” They exchanged numbers and Drew met Kendall and her friends out at a brewery. When Drew got home that night he called his parents and told them about how much fun he had and that he was happy to finally know someone in Asheville.

After a year and a half of having dinner together every night and being each others company in Asheville, Kendall moved to Raleigh and started her nursing career while Drew stayed in Asheville running a collision repair shop.

A year later they reconnected and became inseparable spending a lot of time traveling back and forth to see each other and spending time with each others family. Falling in love all over again, this time they knew it was the one. On November 13, 2022, Drew asked Kendall to marry him and she said YES! They have started creating a life together and started planning for their future! They could not be more excited to have their favorite people in one place to celebrate their love and joining of families!